LEVA LOPPAN 2 13 Aug 2014 Posted by Jussi.

A 3 minute video from our skateboarding trip to Sweden. Enjoy!

Asteras Tripolis FC - RoPS 30 Jul 2014 Posted by Jussi.

RoPS goalkeeper Saku-Pekka Sahlgren leaves the field after receiving a red card.

Jarkko Lahdenmäki scored in both europaleague matches.

Aleksandr Kokko.

Captain Antti Okkonen thanks the fans, disappointed after the match.

Couple of leftovers from RoPS europaleague match in Tripolis, Greece. More to come.

Tekijänä program on YLE Areena 05 May 2014 Posted by Jussi.

I was featured on a 30 minute documentary about my workday on YLE Teema show "Tekijänä" a while ago. You can still see the program on YLE Areena:

Snowboarding again 05 May 2014 Posted by Jussi.

It's been a while since taking a snowboarding pic. Here is my buddy Anssi with an ollie at Levi. Toton Poika 7 coming soon.

Vuoden Lehtikuvat, Press photos in Finland, 2013. 07 Mar 2014 Posted by Jussi.

A man skiing in Rovaniemi.

-30 degrees won't stop Lauri Himanen from ice fishing.

Björn Lagerqvist sells stuffed animals in Jokkmokk marketplace.

Ataulla Guerra came from the Caribbean to play for RoPS, a week later his brother was shot. He plays for his memory.

Testing the public toilets in Rovaniemi.

Kemijoki Oy trustees minutes after being informed about job negotitations.

Kati Ylivirta (left.) received a royal beatdown from Mira Potkonen in Ruskaturnaus.

RoPS fans rejoice after years of disappointment in the Suomen Cup final.

Arvo Laitinen has sold paint for over 60 years.

Sulo Nuutinen and his dogfriend Hilla live in a building for war veterans. Sulo is a son of a veteran.

LAPIN KANSA: Winter swimming 11 Feb 2014 Posted by Jussi.

Winter swimming world champs coming to Rovaniemi.

LAPIN KANSA: Men at work 11 Feb 2014 Posted by Jussi.

Workers in Heiskari teräspaja.

LAPIN KANSA: Ruka Nordic Opening 09 Dec 2013 Posted by Jussi.

Finnish skier Matti Heikkinen.

Finnish skijumper/legend Janne Ahonen.

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen.

Pascal Kaelin falls his jump, but didn't injure himself.

Nordic Combined athlete Ilkka Erola.

Therese Johaug from Norway.

LAPIN KANSA: Portrait 21 Nov 2013 Posted by Jussi.
One minute portrait of reindeerherder Hannu Lahtela.

LAPIN KANSA: More sunday edition covers from 2013 10 Nov 2013 Posted by Jussi.

Lapin Kansa: Otis Grand 07 Oct 2013 Posted by Jussi.

Otis Grand playing at Roots River 'n Blues festival in Rovaniemi. 

LAPIN KANSA: RoPS Finnish Cup champs 2013! 04 Oct 2013 Posted by Jussi.
Here is a selection of best images from RoPS' victorious trip to the Finnish Cup final. It was quite possibly the greatest assignment of my career. Being a fan myself I enjoyed being on the sidelines of sports history for our city and region. Enjoy, I sure did.

RoPS fans on the nightrain on the way to Helsinki.

RoPS fans playing cards on the nightrain to Helsinki.

RoPS player Antti Peura battling with KuPS player Dawda Bah, who arguably has the biggest hands in the league!

Aleksandr Kokko scores on a penalty shot.

Kokko and company after scoring 1-0.

RoPS stopper Alison lifts the trophy as captain Antti Okkonen carries the money.

Fans get to hold the trophy after the whistle.

Fans get emotional after the victory.

RoPS player Tuomo Könönen is condoled after the game. Könönen will end his long career as a Cup champion.

Antti Peura and fans kiss the trophy.

Hero of the game Aleksandr Kokko is greeted by fans in a bar.

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